Exercise 3. Put the noun in plural. Indicate where two variants are possible.


I. Plural Forms (1-10)

II. Countable Uncountable (11-23)

III. Collective Nouns; Subject-Verb Agreement (24-33)

IV. Gender (34-40)

V. Possessive (41-50)

VI. Compound nouns and noun phrases (51-54)

VII. Revision (55-63)

VIII. Test Yourself (64-67)


Exercise 1. Give the plural of:


1. potato 13. ass 25. tray 37. city
2. lady 14. dog 26. mouse 38. bee
3. wife 15. wish 27. match 39. brother
4. tooth 16. handkerchief 28. bamboo 40. life
5. man 17. goose 29. scratch 41. roof
6. brush 18. bus 30. donkey 42. Englishman
7. axe 19. church 31. box 43. louse
8. thief 20. town 32. fly 44. sheep
9. German 21. child 33. shelf 45. Swiss
10. house 22. woman 34. fish 46. proof
11. knife 23. torch 35. key 47. inch
12. Chinese 24. shirt 36. penny 48. cliff


1. ox 13. scarf 25. motif 37. studio
2. loaf 14. mother-in-law 26. calf 38. oasis
3. echo 15. deer 27. species 39. cow
4. negro 16. genius 28. eye 40. burglar
5. piano 17. phenomenon 29. sigh 41. breath
6. spy 18. staff 30. trout 42. wish
7. niece 19. index 31. trough 43. error
8. volcano 20. Japanese 32. butterfly 44. witch
9. toy 21. offspring 33. pass 45. erratum
10. leaf 22. knee 34. valley 46. dozen
11. safe 23. tomato 35. beach 47. chief
12. thesis 24. casino 36. salmon 48. means

Exercise 2. Put the noun in plural. Indicate where two variants are possible.

1. I do not know why people take (brief) with them to the seaside. 2. The seminar was attended by a miscellaneous collection of students, businessmen and (housewife). 3. I might buy a couple more of those (scarf). 4. Your (handkerchief) are very dirty. They must be washed. 5. The police killed three (thief) during the burglary. 6. Some doctors use these (leaf) against malaria. 7. The fear of the unknown prevents many people from making significant changes in their (life). 8. The mangoes stayed on the (shelf) for three weeks and now they are damaged. 9. Elephant (calf) can weigh up to two tons. 10. The hunter followed the spoors of the animal's (hoof) in the sand and caught him. 11. The wind blew off many (roof) last week. 12. We heard the bloodcurdling howls of the (wolf) in the forest. 13. The court has not got clear (proof) to condemn the accused. 14. The paper is too large. You must cut it into 2 (half). 15. Amazing! In a fairy tale two (dwarf) were the winners of the race. 16. I wonder how many (safe) we need here to. 17. I wonder how many men are afflicted with guilt and remorse at leaving their (wife). 18. The largest (massif) in the Sahara are Tibesti, Hoggar in southern Algeria, and Jebel Marra in western Sudan. 19. All the (chief) took part in yesterday's meeting in France. 20. In the world each man has his (belief).

Exercise 3. Put the noun in plural. Indicate where two variants are possible.

1. The customs officers blocked the (cargo) of weapons at the border. 2. The (dynamo) of bicycle do not work normally. 3. There are three (albino) in this family. 4. Some famous soccer players have big (tattoo) on their bodies. 5. I sat down on a red plinth and was served by the (lady) in traditional (kimono). 6. The (buffalo) entered the farmer's field and ate all the crops. 7. Large cities like New York have many (ghetto). ghetto جيتو гето ghetto ghetto das Ghettoγκέτοgueto geto محل سکونت اقلیت ها getto ghetto גטו अल्पसंख्यकों की अविकसित जगह geto gettó permukiman golongan minoritas (gyðinga)hverfi; fátækrahverfi ghetto 少数民族居住区 대도시의 소수 민족 거주지, 게토 getas geto; (pilsētas) graustu rajons kawasan perumahan sesak getto getto getto bairro da lata ghe­tou гетто geto geto geto getto สลัม mahalle, varoş 城市中(尤指移民住的)貧民區 гетто شہر کا پس ماندہ علاقہ khu nhà ổ chuột 城市中的贫民区,犹太人区,少数民族聚居的地方 8. Among all these (piano) I prefer the red one.9. (Igloo) are small houses made of snow. 10. (Tornado) are more violent at the coast than in town. 11. This is the time of year when all the big spenders pour into Las Vegas hotels and (casino). 12. The president rehabilitated all the (hero) of the revolution. 13. All I left in the fridge was a lemon and a couple of squashy (tomato). 14. (Kangaroo) carry their young in a pouch. 15. Several readers were displeased about the (photo) that accompanied the story. 16. (Bamboo) are some of the fastest growing plants in the world. They are capable of growing 100 cm or even more per day. 17. As a starter, we had delicious juicy (tomato) stuffed with rice. 18. Franklin Roosevelt made more (veto) than any other US president in history.