Violations of International Law

· Japan … international law in 1941 by attacking Pearl Harbor without first declaring war. ( violation)

· Germany broke international law during World War 2 when the German …killed millions of European Jews and forced slave laborers from other European countries to work in German war factories. (to govern)

· Reports were given to the United Nations about the cruel … of many UN prisoners of war by the Chinese Communists and North Koreans in the Korean War (1950-1953). (to treat)

· In 1990, during the crisis that resulted in the Persian Gulf War , Iraq broke international law by … foreign hostages as “human shields” to discourage attacks against military and industrial sites. ( to use)

6. Give the Ukrainian equivalents for the following word combinations:

International law, principle, rule, international affairs, provisions agreed to in treaties, rulings of international courts, environmental pollution, adoption of common rules, to maintain peaceful international relations , legal equality, enforcement of international law, ownership of property, international organizations, recognizing countries, legal entities.

Match the following synonyms and try to guess the differences in their meaning. Compose your sentences to illustrate the usage of these words.

Word Synonym from the text
to maintain peace tribunal
court covenant
treaty to keep peace
to define legal person
to resolve issues
problems to determine
legal entity nation
state to decide

Make up word-combinations using the words from two groups.

long-standing pollution
international states
diplomatic relations
sovereign entities
multinational sanctions
legal of international law
environmental customs
enforcement law